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A fail-proof solution proposed by last-resort Tory-Brexiteers. PM Johnson speaks not of the Good Friday Agreement but rather on the Good Friday "Process". It's all fluid right now to keep his red-line: the Oct. 31 exit at all cost. Not a no-deal that's been ruled as illegal by vote of the House of Commons. Boris is fine-tuning the last Theresa May's EU WTA and as everyone is moving ever so slightly, will offer the proposal to the Commons for a vote. The escape artist at work.

Brexit: leaked proposals on Irish Border out-of-date, says Johnson | Irish Times - video |

British prime minister Boris Johnson has dismissed criticisms of leaked proposals suggesting customs posts be placed on both sides of the Irish Border, saying this plan is not what his government is going to propose to deal with Brexit.

Speaking to the BBC on Tuesday, Mr Johnson said the EU and Dublin were not talking about the UK government's final plan but rather "some stuff" that was proposed previously.

He said Britain was planning to table a "very good offer" soon and that this would not involve customs posts.


Mr Johnson says the most important thing is to "bust out" of these backstop arrangements but in a way that protects the Belfast Agreement.

He declined to discuss what would be in the final British proposals, but said he wanted to exploit "the freedoms that are so vital for Brexit".


The Government and the European Union on Monday night rubbished the leaked British proposals on establishing customs posts on both sides of the Border after Brexit.

Senior sources in Dublin and Brussels said the proposals, contained in papers tabled in talks with EU negotiators and reported by RTÉ, showed there was little if any chance of a breakthrough in the Brexit talks.

NI secretary denies there are UK plans for customs centres | RTÉ |
Boris Johnson pledges 'good offer' on border after Dublin rejects plans

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Downing Street banks on secretive 'tunnel' negotiations to hammer out agreement

Mr Barnier revealed no tweaks to the hated withdrawal agreement have reached the negotiating table. He also warned MEPs the Remainer plot to outlaw a no-deal Brexit is not water tight and could still see Britain quit the bloc without an agreement.

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Paisley's 'Irish cows' quip may be beginnings of a solution to backstop issue, PM suggests | Belfast Telegraph - Sept. 6, 2019 |

Rev Paisley's reference to cows here being Irish were first revealed by Jonathan Powell, a former adviser to Tony Blair during the peace talks that led to the Good Friday Agreement.

He wrote: "The border between Ireland and the UK just came to mean much less once we were both in the EU.

"This was particularly brought home to me when Ian Paisley, the fire-breathing DUP leader, came to see Tony Blair in the midst of the 2005 Foot and Mouth crisis in the UK and in an attempt to take advantage of the looser restrictions on movement of cattle in the south than in the north said, 'Our people may be British but our cows are Irish'."

Mr Johnson's reference to Rev Paisley - later Lord Bannside - will be seen as an attempt to ameliorate DUP concerns, as the proposal appears to cross the DUP's red line of having a border in the Irish Sea.

I've seen how rash words can escalate into conflict. I fear it may happen again | The Guardian Opinion - Jonathan Powell |
How General Sir Richard Dannatt's attack on the Iraq deployment echoed around the world | The Guardian Opinion - Jonathan Powell | (2011)

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