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Reports on latest UK Brexit proposals 'concerning', Coveney says | The Irish Times |

PM strikes secret deal with DUP as he draws up 'final Brexit offer' | The Guardian |

Boris Johnson has struck a secret deal with the Democratic Unionist party involving radical proposals for a Belfast-Dublin "bilateral lock" on post-Brexit arrangements on the island of Ireland.

Details have emerged of the prime minister's final Brexit offer that he will lay out on Wednesday, with Northern Ireland staying under EU single market regulations for agri-food and manufactured goods until at least 2025, at which point its assembly in Stormont will decide whether to continue alignment with EU or UK standards.

The proposal that Ireland would have "two borders for four years" once the transition period ends after 2020 is likely to receive a frosty welcome in EU capitals. The broadcaster RTÉ quoted an Irish government source saying Johnson's deal, as reported on Tuesday evening, would not be acceptable to Dublin.

However, DUP sources have confirmed that the party is largely "content" with the proposals, which are believed to still include a lot of elements of the backstop - a major concession for the party.

Arlene Foster issues warning to Varadkar: He will be to blame if Boris can't get deal
Arlene Foster says DUP would consider backing Brexit deal if Boris Johnson secures time-limit to backstop | The Independent |  [video]

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