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Johnson's Brexit plan: Key questions about the backstop replacement blueprint | Belfast Telegraph |

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is setting out his Brexit plan, which he describes as a "fair and reasonable compromise" that all sides can agree on. But reaching an agreement will be far from straightforward - and may yet prove impossible.

- What are the issues which need to be resolved?

The problem remains the Northern Ireland backstop - the safety net intended to guarantee there is no return of a hard border on the island of Ireland.

Mr Johnson has insisted the measure has to be scrapped as being in a customs union would prevent the UK striking trade deals and his blueprint sets out in a legal text how he intends to achieve this.

- What is Mr Johnson's alternative?

According to a briefing received by the Daily Telegraph, the UK would remain closely tied to the EU's rules during a transition period ending in 2021 and then enter a free-trade agreement with the bloc.

After that, in a plan that has been dubbed "two borders for four years" Northern Ireland would be kept in a special status until 2025, leaving the EU customs union alongside the rest of the UK, but remaining aligned on all single market rules for agriculture and industrial goods.

Why Johnson's plan for two borders is unlikely to fly | Irish Times |

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