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Paisley's 'Irish cows' quip may be beginnings of a solution to backstop issue, PM suggests | Belfast Telegraph - Sept. 6, 2019 |

Rev Paisley's reference to cows here being Irish were first revealed by Jonathan Powell, a former adviser to Tony Blair during the peace talks that led to the Good Friday Agreement.

He wrote: "The border between Ireland and the UK just came to mean much less once we were both in the EU.

"This was particularly brought home to me when Ian Paisley, the fire-breathing DUP leader, came to see Tony Blair in the midst of the 2005 Foot and Mouth crisis in the UK and in an attempt to take advantage of the looser restrictions on movement of cattle in the south than in the north said, 'Our people may be British but our cows are Irish'."

Mr Johnson's reference to Rev Paisley - later Lord Bannside - will be seen as an attempt to ameliorate DUP concerns, as the proposal appears to cross the DUP's red line of having a border in the Irish Sea.

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