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OBSCURE "public charge" arguments heating up in a district ct

Judge SKEWERS Rule Change on Immigrants Receiving ["]Welfare["]

"I think a low credit score is an indication of someone who has made decisions that are not necessarily financially sound," Davis said.

"Poor people are likely to become a public charge," the judge shot back.

ooooo boiz, is DDG "Immigration and Nationality Act" auto-suggestion HOT today or wut!
8 USC 1182: Inadmissible aliens a/o 7 Oct 2019. oops
(1) Health-related grounds
(2) Criminal and related grounds
(3) Security and related grounds
(4) Public charge
   (A) In general
Any alien who, in the opinion of the consular officer at the time of application for a visa, or in the opinion of the Attorney General at the time of application for admission or adjustment of status, is likely at any time to become a public charge is inadmissible.
   (B) Factors to be taken into account...
   (C) Family-sponsored immigrants ...
   (D) Certain employment-based immigrants ...
   (E) Special rule for qualified alien victims ...
(5) Labor certification and qualifications for certain immigrants
(6) Illegal entrants and immigration violators
(7) Documentation requirements
(8) Ineligible for citizenship
(9) Aliens previously removed
(10) Miscellaneous [uh oh AG and cabinet duties]
landssakes. Who enrolled and enacted these "hoops"?

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
by Cat on Tue Oct 8th, 2019 at 06:01:36 PM EST
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