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Urban beaches are environmental hotspots for antibiotic resistance after rainfall
A two year study into the prevalence of antibiotic resistance in urban coastal environments shows that some beaches around Sydney have elevated levels of antibiotic resistant (AbR) bacteria following rainfall.

The research highlights the exchange of antibiotic resistant microbes between human waste-water streams and natural ecosystems and a mechanism for potentially significant AbR exposure risk to humans, the researchers say.

The results of the study, published in Water Research, provide clear links between storm-water discharge, which sometimes includes wet-weather sewer overflow (WWSO) events, and the presence of AbR in microorganisms living in urban beach habitats.

The research suggests that stormwater, sewage and urban waste-stream infrastructure, such as pipes, are potential reservoirs and channels for the spread of AbR into natural coastal waters.

The rapid rise of antibiotic resistance within medical, agricultural, urban and natural systems is of major global concern, and is largely a consequence of the mis-use and overuse of antibiotics by humans.

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