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PM seeks to thrust law and order on to agenda in Queen's speech , 14 Oct following "suspended" parliament
Heavier sentences for violent criminals among policies aimed at wooing Labour voters
With just days to go before the deadline for Boris Johnson to clinch a last-ditch Brexit deal in Brussels, the Queen will on Monday set out his government's priorities for a new session of parliament, including 22 new bills.
Meanwhile, amid claims from the home secretary, Priti Patel, that the UK has been a "soft touch on foreign criminals" for too long, maximum sentences for foreign nationals who breach a deportation order will be "drastically increased" from the present six months.
In her party conference speech in Manchester, Patel said the Tories' message to criminals was: "we are coming for you".

But her Labour shadow, Diane Abbott, said it was the Tories who had been soft on crime by relentlessly cutting funding for police and the criminal justice system.

"Priti Patel is right that the Tories have been a soft touch for criminals, with policies that predictably led to more crime. We always argued that cuts have consequences, and now the Tories are trying to pretend the consequences have nothing to do with them," Abbott said.

She added: "This Queen's speech is farcical. It is just an uncosted wish list which the government has no intention and no means to deliver, and nothing more than a pre-election party political broadcast."

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the UK has been a "soft touch on foreign criminals" for too long

Damn right, Priti. But they own much of London's real estate, and are often major Tory donors. So expect no change.

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by eurogreen on Wed Oct 16th, 2019 at 04:35:14 PM EST
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