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Who in hell did not see this coming?

Census Bureau seeks state data, including citizenship info

Experts caution that inaccuracies in state motor vehicle records also make them a poor choice for tracking citizenship, if that is the bureau's goal.
morons, Your turn is coming. REAL ID verification and replacement has been rolling since 2018. It was endorsed by AAMVA from the beginning. It's been litigated by "privacy orgs" since at least 2007, when the US visa regs first changed US passport controls. I WAS SUMMONED June 2019 by the state to appear with three (3) proofs of residence and nativity or lose my license. The motor vehicle dept scanned each piece into a digital record.
The bureau also is seeking more state records on individual recipients of public [assistance] programs. A new request published last month in the Federal Register said the records would be used for the 2020 Census and other research, and they're needed to "improve efficiency and accuracy in our data collections, and to improve measures of the population and economy."
States already share records on food public assistance and other programs to help the bureau track traditionally ["]undercounted["] populations and pinpoint vacant houses. The states' administrative records could cover a host of topics attributes, including citizenship, said John Thompson, a former Census Bureau director in the Obama administration.
They. still. don't. get. it.
Several civil rights organizations filed a new challenge in federal court in Maryland last month, claiming Trump's executive order is "motivated by a racially discriminatory scheme to reduce Latino political representation" and gives an advantage to white voters at the expense of Latino voters.
IF fed gov wants you, fed gov will find you. You know what that means? Fed gov could find who is and who is not a descendant of US slaves, IF it wants, if only by sorting the last 100 years' State department records. Fed gov has the CPUs and "pivot tables" that you don't.

So back the fuck up. Reparations are coming, and UST bondholders are going to pay for it.

Federal government is the "central registry" of the Unied States' population.
the press discredited agencies' "data sharing" capabilities and invented the yella cake of stormtrooper surveillance traps. ...

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 at 11:17:45 PM EST
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