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Conservatives sweep Polish vote, put EU rule of law to the test
PiS 43.76% of the votes, centre-left Civic Platform (KO) 27.4%, The Left (Lewica) 12.4%, PSL (EPP) 9.1%, far-right KONFEDERACJA 6.4%; "PiS fell short of a 276 seats constitutional majority"
Politico.eu | Poland's PiS wins election, but its grip on power is weakened
However, the party appears to have lost control of the upper house, the senate, and is looking like taking 49 seats to 51 for the opposition; in most districts, opposition parties united around a single candidate. The senate is less powerful than the lower chamber, the Sejm, but it can slow the passage of legislation and appoint key officials -- for the first time in four years complicating PiS's control of the legislature.

EP election-results.eu | Poland - Official results, illustrated

COMISH candidate
(04.10.2019) Wojciechowski: Agriculture

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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