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Living in a cellar, a family of young adults who never attended school found in province of Drenthe ...

Six freed after years living in Dutch cellar 'waiting for end of time' | The Guardian |

A group described by local media as a man and his adult children have been found after spending several years living in the cellar of remote farmhouse in the north-eastern Dutch province of Drenthe "waiting for the end of time".

The group of six were discovered after the oldest son, 25, visited a local bar, the Kastelein cafe. On the first occasion, 10 days ago, he "ordered and drank five beers on his own", the owner, Chris Westerbeek, told broadcaster RTV Drenthe. When the man reappeared last Sunday, he "looked confused", Westerbeek said. "He was unkempt, with long tangled hair. We got talking. He said he had run away and needed help, and that he had never been to school. Then we called the police."

There was no indication of how long they had lived there or the whereabouts of their mother. The Algemeen Dagblad (AD) newspaper reported that police were considering the possibility that she may have died and been buried on the property.

The bar owner told the local Dagblad van het Noorden newspaper that the man had said he had younger brothers and sisters living in the cellar, they all "wanted to end the way they were living", and he had not been outside for nine years.

Drenthe police confirmed in a tweet that they had visited a house in the nearby village of Ruinerwold after "being alerted to concerns about the living conditions of a number of people living there in an enclosed space".

Six adults were removed and were being taken care of, police confirmed, while a 58-year-old odd-job man - Austrian citizen - who was renting the farmhouse was arrested after refusing to cooperate with their inquiry.


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