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I am thinking that when/if BoJo requests his Brexit extension of the EU it might be the Germans who are the problem. Because cars.

Germany's automobile industry is a huge part of its economy, and it is on the ropes for a variety of reasons. The VW diesel lawsuits, plus the invasion by Tesla, plus the climate change regulations, plus reduced demand, have put them under a lot of financial pressure.

Meanwhile, the UK (mostly Japanese) car industry is under threat of collapse if there is a no-deal Brexit. That reduction in competition would be helpful for the Germans.

Combine the industrial planning uncertainty associated with deal vs. no-deal Brexit waffling together with the potential reduction of competition from the UK if there is no deal, maybe Germany will just pack it in and tell the UK to get lost...

Opel slashes hours at main German factory

by asdf on Tue Oct 1st, 2019 at 08:40:37 PM EST
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