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Key vote on Brexit deal debate fails in Parliament
First, Members of Parliament (MPs) approved a motion calling for the legislative body to start formally debating the prime minister's Brexit deal with the European Union. The motion passed by 329 votes to 299.

However, the evening's most hotly anticipated vote -- on whether the House approves of the government's plan ["programme"] to conclude the process ["debate"] by Thursday evening -- ended in a 308-322 defeat for the government

The bill itself, stretching past 100 pages, was only published on Monday evening. Skeptics argued that the proposed time-frame to scrutinize and debate it was insufficient.

Of particular interest: EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill Delegated Powers Memorandum. This is the "key" to decoding legislative language in the bill that retains or proscribes EURLEX in UK domestic law through the "transition or implementation period" and repeals same, not previously specified in EUWA2018, the day after exit from the WA, literally.
Amending the bill greatly is not really in Parliament's power, though. Any changes not relating purely to the UK would need to be tolerable on the EU side as well.
My favorite motifs so far (3.5 hrs, pp 1-45, illustrated) are "For the purpose of this clause, the devolved authorities are the Scottish Ministers, the Welsh Ministers and Northern Ireland departments" and "'appropriate authority' for the purpose of this clause as meaning, a Minister of the Crown, a devolved authority or a Minister of the Crown acting jointly with a devolved authority", because of known and unknown SI's hiding in the "constitutional law".

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