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Well, six years behind the the rest of the EU in making it illegal to support Hamas. Critiziced by the Council of Europe and the Nordic Council for having weak anti-terrorism laws and not being able to assist neighbors.

Criticized by the EU for having basically no border control meaning they have no idea of who is there. The report "Evaluation of Sweden in the field of management of the external borders" was suppressed in 2017 so as not to affect the election in 2018.  The head of the Border Police estimated earlier this year that it would take at least five years to fix.  

A free haven for ISIS supporters - basically being a supporter has until recently fallen under "freedom of association." Being slow (14 years) to ratify Resolution 1373.

(Granted a lot of this goes back to the "conservative" government 2006-2014. And the previous Social democratic government 1996-2006.)

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by Number 6 on Thu Oct 24th, 2019 at 03:45:01 PM EST
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