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APsplainin | [13 out of 50 states and US Territories] not giving driver's license data to Washington
based on AP requests for comment on "philosophical" personal property rights.


Let's check the wikiwtf Real ID article. oops. dead links.

Let's skim Pub.L. 109-13, DIVISION B-REAL ID ACT OF 2005, enacted 11 May 2005, incorporated with 8 USC. Immigration and Nationality Act. (p 72-86) under the GWOT. oops. It appears that states' motor vehicle departments are required to shared license data with several federal agencies who are required to report data analysis periodical to several senate and house committees. What's more, TITLE II--IMPROVED SECURITY FOR DRIVERS' LICENSES AND   PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION CARDS [...] Sec. 202 Minimum document requirements and issuance standards for federal recognition.--failure to comply jeopardizes applicants by subjecting them to SCRUTINY of the several federal agencies in WHICH? coourts and possible deportation. Good going, APsplainin. So. I ask myself, "SELF, why would the department of commerce request data to which it already has access from states' motor vehicle departments? What could fed gov learn from this test?"

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by Cat on Fri Oct 25th, 2019 at 05:46:58 PM EST
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