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Moon unveils plan to convert DMZ into international peace zone
"'Turning the DMZ into an international peace zone is a matter of building trust through action in return for the actions by North Korea, and through the international community's participation in activities within the DMZ, we can guarantee mutual security for South and North,' he explained."
Intellectuals around country demand reform of S. Korean prosecutors
"Cultural figures, educators, and ordinary citizens from Gwangju and South Jeolla Province have responded to the scandal over the appointment of Cho Kuk as Minister of Justice by making a public call for reform of the prosecutors and the media."
S. Korean Defense Ministry rejects petition from Vietnam ["]War["] civilian massacre survivors
"South Korea sent 312,000 troops to Vietnam between September 1964 and 1972 -during which around 80 massacres of Vietnamese civilians were committed, with a total estimated death toll as high as 9,000."
LG Economic Research Institute offers gloomy forecast for South Korea's growth in 2020
US-China trade conflict and Eurozone slump factors in reduced global growth
LGERI first predicted that a recovery in the global economy is unlikely to happen next year. To begin with, it argued that a dramatic resolution of the US-China trade conflict is unlikely amid the US' growing fears of losing economic dominance if China catches up in emerging industries. The report predicted the Eurozone growth rate would remain around 0% as the German economic slump spreads to other European countries, with the Chinese economic growth rate dipping to 5% amid limitations with its economic stimulus measures.
"Sales and operating profits for companies dropped sharply during the first half of this year, and the decline in profitability is expected to continue next year," it predicted.
APsplainin | North Korea, US say nuclear talks to resume this weekend

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