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Parting the lace curtain again: Paging Pelosi
Nurses brand trolley crisis 'obscene' as number of patients waiting for a bed SOARS to 679
"UCC's Prof. Jonathan Drennan identified a need for at least 180 extra emergency department nursing posts across Ireland to care for admitted patients, in a report commissioned by the HSE and Department of Health. However there was no provision made in the recent budget for the roles."

trials and tribulations of the nouveaux riches
Homeowners express anger after they're given 'filthy' water as back-up supply by Irish Water

She fears Christmas will be ruined because it will be difficult to safely cook or cater for guests without clean water.

"Even small things, things you'd normally do - you'd invite your friends round for dinner of an evening, but they're always saying to me, 'Ah no, you can't, you'd have all the water lifting and everything trying to make the dinner.'

"Or even inviting people to stay when you have, and when I say filthy bathroom, there are times you walk in and say oh my god, if someone uses or flushes the toilet, or the showers. There's grout and silicone, everything destroyed with rust.

"Even planning Christmas, you lose family Christmases because the volume of work involved in preparing food and having water for a group of people. Then people in the house saying, 'Make sure the kids don't drink the water, make sure they don't brush their teeth'," she said.

"Our confidence is shattered, and shattered with good reason."

A brief history of water charges in Ireland: "From Fianna Fáill's abolishment of water charges in 1978, through to Minister Alan Kelly's revised package today" (Nov 2014). Deregulation, refund, ray-geem drama to follow annually to Nov 2019, because not-Lansing, MI.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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