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basic background:
Thousands of Haitians took to the streets in October and November 2018, in response to revelations that billions of US dollars meant for infrastructure were missing from the Venezuelan-sponsored PetroCaribe fund. They resumed in early February after the government declared a state of economic emergency, with demonstrators expressing discontent over the cost of living and calling for President Jovenel Moïse to resign.

The UN Mission said that during the October protests, police using excessive force injured 44 protestors and killed 3 others. It also reported allegations that police using excessive force caused 21 casualties, including 6 deaths, during the November protests.

The government announced in January that it would pursue civil and criminal action against individuals implicated in the PetroCaribe scandal.

US Embassy in Haiti Security Alerts
VOA interviews Haiti Minister of Foreign Affairs Bocchit Edmond , 19 Sep 2019
"During the interview, Minister Bocchit addressed a number of key diplomatic issues currently affecting Haiti."
Violent clashes between protesters and police, 21 Sep
Friday 261st birthday of the Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines, several thousand protesters took the streets for the 5th day and express their anger and frustration against the fuel shortage that lasts for 3 weeks, the expensive life and the adjustment announced the rise in the price of diesel at the pump.
In addition, demonstrators responding to the call of the radical opposition came to support the popular movement and demand, among other things, the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse. Me André Michel Spokesperson of the radical opposition movement known as "Popular Democratic Sector" describes the mobilization as a "total success" and took the opportunity to condemn the violent repression of the police against the protesters...
10,000 soldiers at the border protect the Dominican territory, 30 Sep
"He explained that this border surveillance device, additionally to prevent the entry of people fleeing violence in Haiti, also aims to fight against smuggling of any kind."
APsplainin | Deadly protests squeeze Haitians in shrinking economy

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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