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More than 100,000 people have applied to register to vote in the past 48 hours

More than 100,000 people have applied to register to vote since the start of the week, with young people making up the bulk of the surge against the backdrop of a momentous 48 hours in British politics. On Monday, 52,408 applications were submitted, according to government figures, followed by 64,485 on Tuesday. The figure on both days was significantly above the typical number for weekday applications, which has averaged about 27,000 for the past month.
Meanwhile, the National Union of Students (NUS) is launching a voter registration campaign in partnership with the Electoral Commission next week and will be visible at campus "welcome weeks" around the country. Alongside the "Got 5" campaign, the union will also be launching social media videos tailored to individual student communities to explain the importance of registering to vote.

Others have independently been encouraging voter registration by sharing links to the government website. Describing the 48-hour increase as "great news", the actor and comedian Rob Delaney tweeted: "No-deal Brexiteers' greatest fears are new voters and young voters."

The young have the most to lose from BREXIT and there probably are not many more of the over 50 voters left to register. Any estimate of the partisan breakdown of the new registrants?

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