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Activist Loses UK Court Case on Police Facial Recognition

A British court ruled Wednesday that a police force's use of automated facial recognition technology is lawful, dealing a blow to an activist concerned about its implications for privacy.
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"The algorithms of the law must keep pace with new and emerging technologies," Judges Charles Haddon-Cave and Jonathan Swift [BWAH!] said.
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But the judges said that the police force's use of the technology was in line with British human rights and data privacy legislation. They said that all images and biometric data of anyone who wasn't a match on the "watchlist" of suspects was deleted immediately.
South Wales is the lead U.K. police force for conducting tests and trials of automatic facial recognition. It has deployed cameras mounted on police vans nearly 60 times since May 2017, capturing 500,000 faces at rugby games, Ed Sheeran concerts, protests, yacht races and other events. London's Metropolitan Police ended its own trial of the technology earlier this year.

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