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Sir Nicholas Soames delivered an emotional, and at times very funny, speech in the House of Commons on Wednesday. He seemed close to tears as he was talking about how his long career in parliament has ended, with the removal of the whip last night. He said: `I'm truly very sad that it should end in this way and it is my most fervent hope that this house will rediscover the spirit of compromise, humility and understanding that will enable us finally to push ahead with the vital work in the interests of the whole country that has inevitably had to be so sadly neglected whilst we have devoted so much time to wrestling with Brexit'

From The Guardian article ...

Cornered Boris Johnson suffers triple Commons defeat  

Johnson's motion calling for a general election was held 24 hours after he failed to prevent backbench MPs led by former Conservative minister Oliver Letwin seizing control of the parliamentary timetable to debate the anti no-deal Brexit bill.

The prime minister campaigned for the Conservative party leadership with the slogan, "deliver Brexit by 31 October, unite the party, defeat Jeremy Corbyn -≠ and energise our country!"

But just weeks after taking power, he is facing a growing backlash from colleagues on Wednesday, after 21 MPs, including former chancellor Philip Hammond and Winston Churchill's grandson Nicholas Soames, were expelled from their party.


After opening the debate on his call for a general election, Johnson faced a withering response from Kenneth Clarke, who the previous day had been stripped of the Conservative whip after 49 years as a Tory MP.

"I do think the prime minister, with the greatest respect, has a tremendous skill in keeping a straight face whilst he's being so disingenuous," Clarke told a scowling Johnson.

The PM, Clarke said, was "desperate" for an election before 31 October "on the basis that he's been thwarted in getting an amazing, beneficial deal for this country".

It was nonsense for Johnson to say that backers of the bill hoped to overturn Brexit, Clarke said: "A very large percentage of those who've been defeating him over the last two days are prepared to vote for Brexit - they've voted for Brexit more often than he has."

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.
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