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If a VNC occurs AFTER prorogation, October 14, then there is a time problem The VNC allows 14 days to find an alternate PM or get a fresh VOC. Then law allows 25 days before an election can occur. But the Benn Bill requires the PM 'to seek and secure' an extension from the EU or a vote for a no deal Brexit by October 19. So Parliament has until the 27th, safely, to select a new PM. Should Pariament fail to select a new PM by October 28 Boris could ingnore the law then do nothing and let the UK crash out of the EU. So the Remainers should act decisively and quickly after

Recent events have shown that the Remain coalition CAN act quickly and decisively. They could do so again and replace Boris. Or not. If not, the triumphant Brexiteers would likely win a November Election and the UK would be out of the EU. That fact, and/or an act of Parliament could make it unlikely that Boris would be prosecuted for violating the law against a no deal Brexit.

However the EU requires that the Article 50 letter be submitted in compliance with the Constitution and Laws o the submitting country. So, should Boris ignore the law, the EU could deny the validity of the exit.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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