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I do think it is significant that Boris has started to adopt the Irish Government's language on the issue - referring to economic unity on the Island of Ireland. What can that mean other than a common trade and customs area, i.e. a de facto retention of N. Ireland within the CUSM. No mention of just sanitary and phyto sanitory controls on the movement of live animals across the Irish sea, he seems to have accepted that any solution must encompass all cross border trade.

I don't think sufficient Labour MPs will rebel to make up for his loss of the DUP, some expelled Tory MPs, and everyone else to get that deal across the line in the House of Commons. However mindful that the House of Commons is gaining a reputation for saying no to everything and yes to very little, Corbyn might offer his support for a referendum to put the deal to the people to make the final decision. Corbyn would then campaign against the deal while supporting the right of the people to make the final decision.

A second referendum would, of course, require another A.50 extension, drive the Brexit party mad and split the Leave vote in the referendum and subsequent general election. Job done as far as Corbyn is concerned...

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