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The Criminal Bar Association has condemned suggestions from the government that it might try to ignore the law saying the PM would have to request a Brexit extension by 19 October, unless Boris Johnson either agrees a deal or gets MPs to vote for no deal. This is from the CBA's chair, Caroline Goodwin:

As the CBA our role is not to say `remain' or `leave' but part of our role is to explain the law - criminal law - and play our part in upholding the rule of law. Standing up for the rule of law underpins our civil society - the economy, justice system, societal cohesion.

In or out, the EU, a government that stands up for the rule of law acts in the best interests of the people - parliament included. Any government - the executive - which ignores the rule of law and actively seeks to break the law undermines the entire justice system, opens the door wide open to mob rule and very quickly to anarchy.

How can a government on the one hand pledge to unleash a `reign of terror' on criminals when its own leadership threatens to break the law?

We cannot expect people not to rob, rape and murder when a government declares it may break the law. We cannot lay rape to the rule of law.

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