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Speaker Bercow has, to use a slightly unparliamentary phrase, shafted the Tories and Boris Johnson.

One of the attractions for Johnson of an early election is that it would allow the next House of Commons to pick a new Speaker. If there was a large Tory majority, it would allow, perhaps, for a more compliant, sympathetic Speaker to be selected, one less inclined to allow the Commons to take control of its affairs; and one more willing to allow ministers to exercise their usual prerogatives. More of a Boris stooge, in other words.

But by standing down earlier than was strictly necessary, and symbolically on the putative Brexit Day of 31 October, Bercow will ensure that the next Speaker of the Commons will be elected by the current "Remainer" parliament.

Given that the custom is for the larger parties to tend to take it in turns to provide a Speaker, and that Bercow was (nominally) a Conservative, a Labour member would seem to be well placed to become the next choice - perhaps one of Bercow's current deputies, Lindsay Hoyle, or the backbencher Chris Bryant. Of the two it is Mr Bryant who would be the bolder, Bercowesque choice; but also one that could not be faulted on any objective grounds.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
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