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Well it is true that no one outside Labour's own MPs may agree to join a "government of National Unity" but Corbyn can't be faulted for trying and it does satisfy the populist refrain "why can't they all just work together in the national interest?".

But what I am proposing or suggesting might happen would be quite normal in most other European polities - different parties with different interests coming together around some common policies for a limited period, especially at a time of national crisis.

The visceral hatred, at a personal, level which you see between Tory, Liberal, Labour and Brexit party supporters isn't always apparent between "colleagues" at Westminster many of who have happily collaborated on specific pieces of legislation.

A lot of the hostility on view is for show, and here my point about winner takes all electoral systems discussed elsewhere on this thread becomes relevant: The system actively promotes confrontation and discourages collegiality, even common courtesy.

It's all very well the rubes being indoctrinated that Corbyn is an ogre, but you would have expected experienced old hands in Parliament to realise he has mostly acted, calmly, rationally, moderately, even astutely in the Labour party's and often the national interest. Maybe that is why they hate him so.

So please forgive a naive outside observer for failing to understand why all this has to end in hatred, confusion, disorder and civil strife. It's not rocket science, and many polities elsewhere have overcome far more serious conflicts. Are you saying the English have basically lost the ability to resolve the most basic conflicts and govern?

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