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You said that six months ago and the year preceding. Has nothing changed to UK, EU relations?

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by Cat on Thu Sep 5th, 2019 at 09:06:12 PM EST
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Remarkably little has changed since Theresa May agreed the Withdrawal Agreement with the EU in November 2018. No serious EU/UK negotiations have taken place since, and the UK parliament has been unable to agree on anything except that it is against a no-deal Brexit, and now wants another A.50 extension in the absence of a Brexit deal acceptable to both parties.

While this might appear as just a stagnant impasse, we have seen a gradual disintegration of the UK political system, and particularly the Conservative party. So there is an argument for the EU to simply wait this process out by agreeing further extensions.

In Ireland the strategy may be to try and wait out the demise of the current DUP dependent Tory government in the hope that the next UK government won't have a problem with Customs controls down the Irish sea.

All in all the EU can take a Napoleonic approach: don't interrupt your enemy while they are busy making mistakes

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