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It seems like Boris has backed himself, and the hard core Brexit supporters, into a wall. They can't get what they want, but can't back down, and can't be dislodged from power. Now, in the bad old days, these sorts of deadlocks were often resolved by one party or another declaring war. Why not now?

Just imagine, the British army and navy launching a surprise strike against the EU. Bombs dropped on Brussels! French ships sunk in the channel! Eurofighters destroyed on the ground! Oh, the glory, oh the humiliation. How much would it take before the EU would realize the error of its ways, and create the sort of custom-tailored unequal treaty that used to the speciality of British treaty negotiatiors. How much munitions would it take for the EU to agree that the UK should have full control over immigration, access to the common market, and full regulatory freedom in product safety, environment, and labor standards?

Could you imagine Trump standing up to a resurgent Tory nationalist movement? How long do you think it woudl take before the eastward-oriented militaries of the European powers could reorient themselves to face the new British Menace, and by then would it be too late for their air defense and C&C capabilities?

Boris would finally get to tbe the war leader he's always dreamed of, a new British conquerer showing up those Euro dogs as the craven cowards everybody knows they are! Hail the conquering hero!

by Zwackus on Fri Sep 6th, 2019 at 05:36:42 AM EST
And John Evans accuses me of having an over-active imagination...

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