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I've tried to restrict the diary to a fairly mainstream scenario of how current events could unravel, but there are a few other possibilities I have considered:

  1. Boris could refuse to present the Bill for Royal Assent, after it has been approved by both Houses. I don't know what this means in British Constitutional terms...

  2. Boris Could refuse to seek an A.50 extension as mandated by law leaving the House with no option but to Vote no confidence and appoint someone else PM to carry out the law - and very little time to do so.

  3. Boris could formally seek an A.50 extension but tell the EU he will make their lives as miserable as possible and suggest they would be well advised to refuse the request. Game over, if the EU refuses request under those circumstance? Or the EU could grant request anyway and dare him to do his worst - resulting in the UK's international reputation going further down the tubes.

  4. Boris could refuse to send a Commissioner to Brussels by 1. Nov as required under EU law - resulting in the expulsion of the UK from the EU. Presumably the House of Commons could appoint someone as Commissioner?

  5. Boris could keep his word and not seek an A.50 extension but could simply withdraw the A.50 notification altogether - saying The UK can always re-issue an A.50 notification once it has agreed what sort of Brexit it wants. Cue uproar in the Brexit party. Cue a decision of the European Court of Justice that an A.50 notification cannot be simply issued, withdrawn and issued again? Cue uproar in the HOC that such a major decision can only be made by the British people in a public vote? Cue a HOC attempt to legislate for such a public vote? Cue a general election with the Conservative and Brexit parties at loggerheads over Britain's true Brexit soul?

The possibilities begin to multiply, and the diary is long enough as it is. However I reserve the right to write "The Prisoner of No.10, chapter 2" at some stage!

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by Frank Schnittger (mail Frankschnittger at hot male dotty communists) on Fri Sep 6th, 2019 at 11:09:51 AM EST

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