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Here is my proposal for what the EU should do.

* Clueless American warning!

If the UK leaves, the EU and the UK are both damaged. If the UK decides to rejoin, the various special clauses and agreements negotiated by Thatcher would have to be re-negotiated, probably to the UK's disadvantage.

Given that many in the UK think things will be fine after Brexit, while the remoaners and EU big shots think they won't, what the EU should do is offer a "reversible Brexit extension."

The UK would be immediately (31 October) suspended from the EU under no-agreement terms. Trade would proceed using WTO rules (if those can even be figured out), migration would be under "non-EU state" rules, law enforcement and military cooperation done using "non-EU state" rules, etc. Just as if there were a no-deal Brexit.

But there would be an allowance for the UK to return to its previous EU membership after, say, one year. If, after a year, the UK is ok with continuing outside the EU, it is out. If, after a year, it is a complete fricking catastrophe and the Brexiteers are hiding in shame, then the UK can rejoin the EU.

The advantage to the EU would be that there is a possibility of keeping the UK on board in the long term. The advantage to the UK would be that the practical effects of Brexit would be on full display, for better or worse, and would be reversible. The advantage to BoJo would be that he could say that he had delivered Brexit as promised. The advantage to the remoaners is that they could hope for rejoining without penalty if their predictions prove true.

by asdf on Thu Sep 5th, 2019 at 04:07:00 PM EST
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