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We are all Athena to Boris Johnson's Heracles
Still, there is the question as to whether she [Athena] should have helped him at all. Heracles's trouble started early when he failed to take account of his demigod strength - Eton will do that to a chap - and, frustrated at being unable to master the lyre, killed the tutor. Being the stepson of a powerful man, however, he was acquitted but the plain people were outraged, forcing him to flee. Rescued again, it wasn't long before he was sufficiently restored to impregnate scores of women and return to his old ways - killing a prince here, his father-in-law's cupbearer there and so on.

Writers of the time, enraptured by his masculine perfection, saw those breakouts as a rather lovely flaw. Just Heracles being Heracles, like. And naturally, a woman was to blame for driving him mad. Another view is that he could never settle for the simple life and liked to mix it up with outbursts of heroic carnage. One might conclude that Athena was merely enabling him and should have left him to his own devices. Then again, being family, she probably felt obliged to support him, even if the odd brother couldn't handle the shame.

So we have choices to make about this modern Heracles Johnson who came among us, hollow-eyed in his flapping, messy robes, trapped by hubris, seeking discreet salvation, possibly. A mortal man subject to bouts of shouting and red wine carnage, undone by decades of compulsive lying and careless destruction, a man who has no care for anything because he is spoilt (according to the latest woman in his life) and whose chief advisor is exposed as a disdainful, scorched-earth advocate with anger-management problems and the base campaigning instincts of Steve Bannon. A mortal man who has managed to lose more parliamentary votes in a week than Tony Blair did in 10 years.

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by Frank Schnittger (mail Frankschnittger at hot male dotty communists) on Wed Sep 11th, 2019 at 06:52:09 PM EST

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