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Joshua Landis and "Christina Lin": social media influencers, but whose blue check payroll?

US controls most of oil-rich Persian Gulf via proxies
Landis is hooked into anti-Trump-KSA-911 agita seeping out of de basement of WH intrigues, devoid of OPEC geopolitical consequences. Meanwhile, Russian corps ("oligarchs") control oil and gas "assets" across the Levant. (I've posted recent trade data this weekend, to emphasize.) This is the principle rationale--besides ghosted ideological enmity to ahh CAPITALISTs--behind ahh actual Kremlin military and diplomatic intervention in "US-backed" hostilities toward Syria, Iran, Koreas--indeed EU, S. American and African continents--devoid of BRIC geopolitical consequences.
"China might take Iran's side in a war with US"
Not going to happen. If I were a betting sumbitch, I'd bet "Christina Lin" is a US citizen who remembers the PLA's last totalitarian adventure as sweeping detritus in Hong Kong and wishes the CCP will reveal its INSCRUTABLE, ANTI-CHRISTIAN IMPERIAL ambition per Hoover analytics. Forgeting that PRC published a position paper --in ENGLISH--opposed to US unilateral politics for like the nth time, is like forgetting that Barnier has a job to ensure the "orderly exit" of Brown's "North Korea". Also, forget that China conceded to US sanctions against Iran, when US sanction "waivers" were turning fast and furious. The CCP is not now going to choose "sides" with US wtf, but it certainly will trade ahh tech for in-kind consideration from all other comers.

by Cat on Mon Jan 6th, 2020 at 03:18:58 AM EST
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