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A Bandit State

As you rightly judged, it's my own conclusion based on 15 years blogging on FP issues. Having lived 10 yrs in the states during the 1960s, I have had a close interest in US society and politics. Have resided in Europe for the 50 years, I've have witnessed and experienced the downfall of global symbol of Freedom. I happened to be on an extended holiday in the US, watching for many hours U.S. Congressional Watergate hearings with a great Democrat Sam Ervin. The downfall of "Tricky" Dick Nixon, his lies and deceit made a deep impression on me. "I'm NOT a crook" was a sign of infamy for the Office of the US President. A hard Civics lesson for me and at the time a greater disillusion than the Vietnam War!

At the time, there were many unknowns about deceit and corruption in US politics. We were spoonfed the allegiance to the flag every morning at school and the evil of Communism as the Red Creeping Monster.

Witnessed the Nixon-Kennedy debate in 1960, felt the emotions and fear of the Cuba crisis, the B-52s stationed at Lambert Field in St. Louis, readied for take-off to destroy the Soviet Republic of Communism. We had the hope of the Kennedy afministration, Peace Corps, Berlin speech, mayor Willy Brandt ... destroyed by an assassin's bullet in a hostile Dallas, TX, home-state of VP Johnson. In 1968, the murders of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy sealed my decision to emigrate to Europe.

We had no idea what held up the Paris Peace Talks - the Kisdinger notes - and got a Republican Nixon elected. The brutal Vietnam War escalated with the disastrous Christmas carpet bombing of Hanoi in 1972.

The hearings of the Church Commission I have missed and the fact the one-man assassin theory of 11-22-1963 was rejected by U.S. Congress.

Ever since the fall of Communism, the United States has failed as leader of the "Free World" on numerous occasions. The bullying and harsh economic sanctions on "rogue states" by its own definition, is mostly contrary to International Law, Geneva or The Hague Conventions.

The Bush-Obama-Trump administrations have by-passed the United Nations and have often put their peacekeepers in harm's way by hostile, military acts. The US has no regard for human life, except of the unborn. 😥

A "bandit state" designation is mostly reserved for a kleptocracy ... one can readily find many sources describing American exceptionalism and inequality as a robbery of the less fortunate.

Searching for a "bandit state" in a political sense, I came across the Nuremberg and Tokio trials of war crimes and crimes against humanity. In the last two decades, the US alone, or in a coalition, have been responsible for major conflicts of choice causing countless civilian deaths. The robbery of Human life is sufficient for me to designate the US a bandit state.

.... and I haven't mentioned the many interventions in the Americas, death squads, El Salvador, Chile with Allende and the Kissinger doctrine, dictatorships, training SOA, CIA assassinations and the drone as weapon of choice.

by Oui on Mon Jan 6th, 2020 at 08:43:25 AM EST
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