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We're used to being the less powerful partner in the relationship and having to suck up blatant injustices simply because we have no power to right them. But we are also very well aware that the law should be there to protect the weak and when the powerful can break the law with impunity, it puts the whole system in disgrace.

Part of me feels the EU is responding so mildly because they just can't bring themselves to take Boris and his threats very seriously. Part of me feels the EU doesn't quite appreciate how much the EU is undermining the EU's whole raison d'etre and system of legitimacy. This still has the potential to go pear shaped in a big way unless clear and decisive action is taken.

For Ireland, 50% WTO tariffs on our beef and agricultural products puts the whole industry (and rural Ireland) in jeopardy. I do hope someone, somewhere, has a plan to deal with the fall-out, but I'm not seeing much evidence of it. After all it shouldn't be too difficult to model the economic effects of WTO rules and develop a counter-strategy.

So while I appreciate the tactical reasons for the EU's response, I'm not quite sure what the strategy is.

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