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Haven't you forgotten the food riots?

For some reason the English populace was surprised to find that its dietary habits had quickly reverted to those of the 1960s: Meat and two veg, wherein "meat" is Spam or tinned sausage and the veg is cauliflower or mushy peas. Kippers, or jellied eel were still available at the newly-rejuvenated mash houses, to be washed down with half a (domestic) bitter.

Not being able to find avocado toast or charcuterie or their usual Languedoc wine, and with curry shops shut due to the deportations, the people revolted in disgust at what was on offer, the opposition to American chicken quickly faded.

by asdf on Mon Oct 12th, 2020 at 09:00:32 PM EST
In the scenario I painted, there is nothing to prevent UK food imports to continue, except that they will become more expensive due to Sterling devaluation, and perhaps due to tariffs, if HMG can get it together to actually implement a customs and tariffs system within the next few years.

Fresh food could be a problem due to delays at customs, but there is always "the northern route" from Ireland through Northern Ireland and across the unguarded Northern Channel. Domestic production will plummet as their are no Romanians to pick the crops, and farmers will have gone bust due to the ending of CAP subsidies.

Tillage lands will have reverted to the landed estates of City gentlemen who will have reinvested their disaster capitalist gains in land at rock bottom prices. They will use those lands for hunting/shooting/fishing rather than for anything productive.

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