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Johnson will wait for US election result before no-deal Brexit decision
Senior figures in European governments believe Boris Johnson is waiting for the result of the US presidential election before finally deciding whether to risk plunging the UK into a no-deal Brexit, according to a former British ambassador to the EU.

Ivan Rogers, who was the UK's permanent representative in Brussels from 2013 to 2017, told the Observer that a view shared by ministers and officials he has talked to in recent weeks in several European capitals, is that Johnson is biding his time - and is much more likely to opt for no deal if his friend and Brexit supporter Donald Trump prevails over the Democratic challenger, Joe Biden.

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Brexit makes Britain `less useful to the US,' says former top diplomat
Britain is no longer Europe's "center of gravity" in the eyes of America -- and particularly if Joe Biden is elected president next month -- according to former senior diplomat and cross-bench peer Peter Ricketts.

After 40 years defending Britain's interests in the world, Ricketts offered a sobering interpretation of the impact Brexit is having on the U.K.'s international standing.

"When Biden looks towards Europe, he will see Paris and Berlin more as the center of gravity of what's really important for America in Europe, both economically and in security terms, and Britain will be seen rather as an outlier, rather outside the mainstream of Europe," he said.

"There will continue to be an important bilateral relationship on defense and security of course, but in other areas, Britain will not have the same prominence it has been used to having in Washington because, frankly, Britain is less useful to the U.S. administration."

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