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The official US religion isn't Christianity, it's narcissism. It's an institutionally narcissistic and tribal country where you're either a winner - i.e. a rich grifter with a touchy but self-congratulatory sense of entitlement, and more or less overt indifference shading into contempt for others - or a loser.

Winners deserve everything, losers deserve nothing - no humane consideration, and in extreme cases no justice or mercy.

Individual Americans may or may not operate like this, but this morality is absolutely endemic in politics, finance, law, the medical industry, and even in science and academia.

It's even visible on the left. Bill Clinton and Obama both have it, but cover it up by appearing smart and personable in public - even though mostly they operate out of self-interest in private.

Hilary Clinton lost because she couldn't hide it, and there are various democratic creatures - like Feinstein - who don't even try to disguise it.

The next generation - AOC, etc - don't seem quite so badly infected by it, but it's unlikely they don't have it at all.

So Trump was entirely inevitable. But then in many ways he's just a vastly dumber version of Nixon, who personified a previous generation of it.

The last vaguely decent president was Carter, and it's telling that he's considered a weak failure.

by ThatBritGuy (thatbritguy (at) googlemail.com) on Mon Oct 19th, 2020 at 07:12:10 PM EST
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Most recent Presidents make President Eisenhower look moderate, and Roosevelt truly inspirational. Kamala Harris is pretty ruthless to, but maybe that's a requirement to move up the greasy pole and not representative of a wider demographic.

I remember being shocked 25 years ago when visiting friends of friends on a family holiday in Washington state. They were politically progressive social workers but almost their first question, on hearing our occupations, was "how much do you make?"

In Ireland you would never ask that question, even of close friends, and you certainly wouldn't measure your self-worth or the status of others by it. Indeed flaunting wealth - if you have it - is much frowned upon and there is a cottage industry in quite wealthy individuals "putting on the poor mouth".

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