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Obviously peoples views will vary, depending on how well they think their interests and concerns are represented within the polity, but in my view, almost none.

Sinn Féin has some sources of finance it refuses to reveal claiming they are covered by (non existent) UK disclosure laws in N. Ireland and the DUP received and spent a few hundred thousands £ of dark money on pro-Brexit ads in a London free sheet, but in general there is v. little money in Irish politics and quite high ethical standards.

Fianna Fail had some dodgy friends and fund-raising practices in the 1980's and there are still occasionally allegations of "brown envelope money" corrupting the planning permission process but that has been mostly cleaned up. There is some state support for parties/candidates to limit the scope of private money, but in general election budgets are small.

I encountered some minor corruption when chairman of a local community council opposed to an illegal CRH quarrying operation. En route to a County Council meeting we dropped of for a break at a hotel only to find county councillors being wined and dined by CRH!

We won in the end, but it was tough going. I'm not active enough now to know if it is still going on. I suspect it is.

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