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White voters liked seeing their cities in flames? They liked BLM smash and grab from expensive stores?

I think the Kenosha arson and looting coupled with the late and bored response from the Dem Governor gives Wisconsin to Trump. Again.

However, this election is truly Scylla vs Charybdis. The silly meme of Biden being for the working man is a fraud. The "Senator from Citibank" is still the author of the Catfood Commission. If Trump was not such a bizarre loose cannon, the election would be in the bag.

What president do you want? "Yes Minister" Biden or "Fawlty Towers" Trump?  I'm thinking of seeking Italian Citizenship by derivation. My grandfather was an Italian citizen when my father was born in the USA. Too bad I can speak some (High school) German but no Italian. Would EU rules let me live in Germany or Ireland?

by StillInTheWilderness on Tue Oct 20th, 2020 at 01:23:43 AM EST
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It depends on who they think lit and fanned the flames.

The EU doesn't determine residency rules. Ask your local embassy. I'm not aware of much in the way of restrictions on US citizens provided you can support yourself.

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