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"In a 4-4 Split, the Supreme Court Lets Pennsylvania Make Voting Easier--For Now; The decision signals that Amy Coney Barrett will cast the deciding vote in any upcoming election disputes."

Republicans are making sure the deciding vote on who will be elected the next President is  their candidate Conservative Mrs. Barrett. Not a democracy.

Underlying principle is the right for States to run their own election and the Federal Law protecting citizen's right to vote. Same as in 2000 when the ruling bij the Florida Supreme Court was upheld by SCOTUS. The dimple or hanging chads controversy. An important role played by John Bolton and the crowd pushing to witness the count. The USA never recovered.  What was hidden at the time was the purging of voter lists initiated by brother Jeb Bush - some 55,000 voters disenfranchised. Same and worse two years ago in Georgia by Governor Kemp and suppression of 670,000 voters.

by Oui on Tue Oct 20th, 2020 at 07:19:23 AM EST
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