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Trump is faced with a dilemma
With exactly two weeks until election day, Donald Trump still has time to turn the race around as polls show him trailing Joe Biden. But the president has been presented with a new predicament after the Commission on Presidential Debates announced last night the moderator of Thursday night's presidential debate may mute the microphones of the two candidates for some parts of the debate.

Trump has railed against the commission for weeks, accusing the independent body of pro-Biden bias - and refusing to take part in the scheduled debate last week in Miami because it changed to a virtual format following his diagnosis with Covid.

Now the president is faced with a dilemma - will he or won't he take part in a debate where he can't dictate the terms? Given that current polls suggest he is losing, Trump needs all the air time he can get to convince the dwindling number of undecided voters to back him, and a statement by his campaign last night suggests he will take part.

Worryingly for Trump, more people tuned into Joe Biden's ABC "town hall" last Thursday than his event with NBC, suggesting his fabled ratings-power may be fading.

The president held two rallies in Arizona yesterday. Both saw a combative and defiant performance by the president. He was particularly critical of the media and his crass language could indicate the growing frustration of a president who knows he is losing.

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