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Good one tacked to THE oldest atty joke; 2nd oldest being, "I don't defend hypotheticals."

Oyez! Oyez! LEGIT "politicization" will now come to order!
Here are our recommendations for Florida Supreme Court, Third District Court of Appeal | Editorial

When Reubin Askew became governor in 1971, the Florida Supreme Court (SCOFLA) was one big #FloridaMan joke.
< wipes tears >
For a time, the new system worked well. Accomplished and widely admired lawyers looking to give something back to their profession and to serve their communities threw their hats in the ring of a competitive, but largely apolitical, process.

Things began to change when Jeb Bush became governor. With the Legislature' s help, Bush seized control of the state's Judicial Nominating Commissions and began to populate them with political allies who view the judiciary not as a co-equal branch of government, but as a hallelujah chorus whose job it is to rubber stamp whatever the Legislature passes and the governor signs.

Nothing will change until voters voice their displeasure at the ballot box.

The Herald Editorial Board recommends NO on the question, "Shall Justice Carlos G. Muñiz be retained in office?"

The five judges in the Third District Court seeking retention have not obviously been involved in politicizing their high court position.

Here are our recommendations:

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