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The point is he was speaking from the experience of other communicable diseases, and much was unknown about the novel Coronavirus, Covid-19. Hell, much is still unknown- like the long term effects of infection, like post viral disease syndrome with ME type symptoms, prolonged brain fog, and how long immunity lasts after infection.

I have a friend who swears he got it twice - but living in the UK he couldn't get a test first time around.  Recent research also shows that people with mental disorder are far more likely to get the disease - again the exact reasons for this are up for debate.

We don't know enough about how often in is communicated through aerosols, through tiny droplets in coughts/sneezes etc., through contact with infected surfaces, and for how long it remains active at various temperatures on various types of surfaces. There is still debate over how effective standard issue face-masks are at prevention, and to what extent children can be vectors.

So I think its a bit over the top blaming medics for not having gotten everything right from day one. It's very easy being wise after the event, and everyone's a virologist now. Undermining what public health expertise we do have is not helpful, as the prevalence of the second wave now shows only too well - in large part enabled by people not following the best available public health advice.

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