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Great comment! Yes the practice of the networks racing to call various states before many votes are counted is a dangerous one, given Dems are likely to do better with with postal votes and the counting timescale can vary so much from state to state. I never quite understood the logic of SCOTUS calling a halt to counting so early in 2000. Given the new President isn't inaugurated until late January, what's the hurry?

In Ireland the counting and recounting process can take days because of our complex seaming multi-seat, single transferable vote system, but the drama of trying to predict where the final seat will go depending on voters 15th and 16th. choices way down their order of preference keeps the pundits in employment for may hours. It is part of the national theatre of democracy quite apart from the fact that it presents even smaller parties with a fair chance of winning seats and discourages polarising candidates and campaigns.

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