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Agree with almost all you say except Georgia. Only the Special Senate election there is a "jungle primary with lots of candidates. This will likely lead to a run-off election in January which could have very low turnout and so much depends on which side is better motivated to vote. Could go Dem if Trump is still trying to hold on to power.

The other election is a standard election basically between Ossoff (Dem) and Perdue (GOP, incumbant) with most aggregators giving Perdue a slight edge although Quinnipiac University recently had Ossoff +6.

I would have both elections in the toss-up category but the problem with Dems winning elections in conservative states like this is that they then vote so conservatively, they might as well be Republicans. You need a candidate who's happy to do the job properly for 6 years and not to concerned with re-election after that. Otherwise the evangelicals and money men have you by the balls.

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