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Senate to vote on Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation to Supreme Court following all-night Senate session
McConnell has repeatedly pointed to a rules change done by Democrats in 2013 that eliminated the 60-vote threshold required to passing certain judicial appointments. McConnell, using that precedent, broadened that change to include Supreme Court nominees in 2017 - a change that has allowed Republicans to pass nominees, likely including Barrett, in largely party-line votes.

The Senate voted 51-48 on Sunday to limit debate and end a Democratic filibuster. That means the chamber will likely vote to confirm Barrett sometime after 7:30 p.m. EDT Monday following 30 hours of debate. The vote to end debate fell along mostly party lines with Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., not voting.

And Kamala?! has promised to ruin the 200 y.o. threshold vote to end ("cloture") filibuster ("debate"), because the Reid Rule worked so well ha. ha. to confirm BHO nominees to inferior courts and now the DNC wants to "get things done" quickly.

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