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I'd like to comment on a point in that link:
Gerrymandering, with constituency boundaries not being determined by an independent commission after every census, as in Ireland

It often comes up here in Illinois. The problem with those proposals is that there is no such thing as a independent non-political commissioners.  Everyone has a political agenda.  So instead of a commission you need a formula. Also not perfect bu5t also not subject to bribery or political influence.  Another suhhestion is more radical. One representative, one vote was fine for the 8th Century, but now there is no reason not to have representatives of pretty fixed regions who have votyes proportional to the population of that region, instantly tabulated electronically. i.e. Congressman from Chicago gets 3 million votes. Congressman from Southern Illinois gets 200,000 votes, et cetera. I would suggest districts by County/City (not counting twice) with those proportionate votes.
by StillInTheWilderness on Wed Oct 21st, 2020 at 01:23:41 AM EST
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