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Let them die ...

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows: `We are not going to control the Pandemic'.

In other words our choice is to let her rip ... it's just like the flu ... we'll let Big Pharma take care of it with therapeutische and the novel vaccines ...


Same old as Conservatives in Europe with the UK - Belgium - Netherlands and France in the lead.

Mark Rutte didn't misspeak in March :: From Outbreak to a Global Pandemic

Meadows says we're not going to control the pandemic

President Donald Trump has long compared Covid-19 to the flu, which experts have resoundingly rejected as inaccurate and "morally reprehensible."

Meadows later said on CNN that the administration is "making efforts to contain" the coronavirus but that what is important is "to make sure people don't die from this."

"When we look at the number of cases increasing, what we have to do is make sure we fight it with therapeutics and vaccines, take proper mitigation factors in terms of social distancing and masks when we can," Meadows said. "And when we look at this, we're going to defeat it, because we're Americans."

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden responded to Meadows in a statement released later Sunday, saying the administration "has given up on even trying to control this pandemic, that they've given up on their basic duty to protect the American people."

"This wasn't a slip by Meadows, it was a candid acknowledgement of what President Trump's strategy has clearly been from the beginning of this crisis: to wave the white flag of defeat and hope that by ignoring it, the virus would simply go away," Biden added. "It hasn't, and it won't."

by Oui on Mon Oct 26th, 2020 at 11:59:05 AM EST
The message he cannot effectively communicate is:

The CDC, as agency of record, is prepared to designate SARS-Cov-2--like influenza types A,B--an endemic pathogen. Epidemiological, virological, and clinical literature describing mutations of the virus which causes COVID-19, here and "over there", has sufficiently accumulated to foreclose a rational explanation for immunization ("pathway").

Over years--say, five--of morbidity and mortality "surveillance" of COVID-19, combined with periodic, generic vaccine assays and clinical therapies, a cyclical rate of infection ("season") will displace, then replace, the frequency and scope of incident reports ("outbreaks") in the public imagination of "risk," remedy, and invincibility.

Where there is no remedy, crisis management for public consumption assumes language of "control" rather than mastery of death. That is a calculated story of morbidity, or probability of survival, attributable to elaborate, mysterious ("heroic") medical regimens. Just so, "normal" burdens of living solve "abnormal" rituals of immortality.

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