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got nothing to do with long lines. The correct answer is necessity, as always.

Let's not forget, m'k: GA had been one of nine (9) states permanently subjected to VRA sec. 5 until 2013 Shelby ruling (jurisdictions). The state has been a civil rights sewer despite concerted "expert" opinions to veil SOP, crushing its conspicuous black constituency, with DNC iconography --Abrams (2018 loss), Lewis (2020 memorial), and a laissez faire remedy (J. Lewis Voting Rights ASSvancement Act, 2020) -- or "blame the victims" purported low turnout, or Magical Margin of Error (MOE) statistical "calculation".

I warned all intoxicated by poll smoke. The uniparty has one play, many tactics, to simulate electoral enfranchisement d/b/a "majoritarian rule" a/k/a "representative democracy" d/b/a "racial equity".

I'm warning you now: This time the bottom, or "base", has truly fallen out of the symbolic pyramid scheme. Assumed predictability of black and latino voters' party preference won't guarantee the POTUS mandate that national committees seek. Under the radar, since 2016 schisms in both parties, under-40s ideological agitation has effectively decapitated party line and party re-alignment. "Popular vote" pragmatism has moved to "down-ballot" correction. In short, electing not to vote on POTUS nominees at the polls.

NB. This year DNC TWICE lost a suit to "restore" mechanical "straight-ticket" ballot design in TX.

Empirically, one would expect significant proportional discrepancies in ballot shares by office, even with reported increase in total ballots cast. OTOH, "experts" are unlikely to produce such detailed analysis, preferring instead to maintain rationales for cyclical "voter participation".

by Cat on Sat Oct 17th, 2020 at 02:56:48 PM EST
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