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doubtful to judge by lip service paid, in the past 3 months, by sundry MD general assembly "work group" and "task force" hearings of complaints against the state's Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights (LEOBR)--a military commissions act of 2006, if you will, adopted by the states listed.

First, MD's legislature is not in session; delegates have been hiding at home since March 18, 2020, and chambers' leaders refused to call a "special session" to over-ride Mag-lev destruction of 2020 civic, fiscal, PH, and environmental acts; the Dem super-majority "holding their powder" for the next regular 90-day session? Or Mag-lev's last day in 2022.

Second, talk about turkeys and slugs! In the interest of "transparency," one might suppose, these committees exercised their gall by broadcasting their inane deliberations.

MD delegates are reluctant to recommend repeal of the statute which indemnifies and rewards LEOs' "misconduct" despite passionate advocacy of "minority" witnesses to bind LEO "willful" or "reckless" injuries to suspects to existing criminal code. Rather, hours of consensus are crystallizing around "reform" in the statute that preserves low standards in lawful use of [INSERT ADVERB] force, LEO union adjudication in K12 schools [!] and municipalities, and deferential badge penalties as more turgid diction.

To be sure, Baltimore, whose city council authority doesn't supercede police department autonomy granted by Annapolis, will suffer unique adversity derived from the suburban counties' indifference.

by Cat on Sat Oct 17th, 2020 at 09:37:33 PM EST
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