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Village of Boekel in Brabant -- Pop. 8855

Highest number of COVID-19 Pandemic deaths :: 500 per 100K ... and it's hurting the community. Living a nightmare where none sees the end.

Boekel in Brabant already lost 9 people to the corona virus: 'Everything is different'

Unrest, fear and uncertainty: the corona virus has a major impact in the Brabant village of Boekel. So far, 9 people have died. We spoke to a surviving relative, the mayor and a pastor.

Gerard's father-in-law Piet Donkers died at the age of 84 from the corona virus. Piet was known in Boekel. He used to be councilor and prince carnival. Gerard: "He has worked for Boekel his whole life, was always positive."

Hold each other by the phone

Pierre Bos was also taken aback by the situation in Boekel. He has been mayor of the village for 11 years. "Boekel feels like a family to me. The virus has a major impact on all of us." The mayor knows all 9 deceased. "It is getting so close." He keeps in touch with the next of kin by telephone and e-mail. "We hold each other over the phone."

Boekel has a strong association life with a lot of contact between people. That may have led to the spread of virus, Bos thinks.

Last week's optimism expressed by Van Dissel of RIVM did not develop in continued rise in deaths and cases this week.

RIVM update: Death toll rises to 771 after 132 more pass away; total cases rises to 10,866 | NL Times |

Dutch ICUs now treating 963 serious COVID-19 patients

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